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My favorite phrase with my high school buddies was a compression of 5 monosyllabic words: Get it? Got it. Good. It became a phrase amongst our presumed elite group of high school pride that implied success and accomplishment and familiarity between those of us that used that term. The key was find the opportunity to […]

You may have noticed that Power.ME has undergone a significant facelift. Not that there was anything particularly wrong before, but with all the careful crafting behind this latest design, I am comfortable saying that for the professional manager, there is nothing that comes close. Along with being impressed by the new interface, I’ve adopted a […]

Imagine if you will–that there is a board above each Power.ME employee’s head. Can you see it? Now, imagine–scrawled in blood the words: Never Lose Content. Even though the visual is a little gory, it is just that important. As we have observed the countless professionals in the quest to create Power.ME–there is room for […]

Productivity has become a watchword globally. Are we doing enough? Enough of the right things? It all comes down to MOTIVATION, which has become the foundation of productivity. I read some time ago, a classic business book: “Good To Great”, By Jim Collins. I was fascinated by the whole concept of 2 seemingly identical organizations […]

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