10 Leap Day Activities

Leap Day is here! An extra day to finish what you started, start what you’ve been avoiding, and just have some extra fun. Here are 10 suggestions to help you make the most of your Leap Day.

1. Try something on your Someday/Maybe List

You probably don’t have time to review this list and get going on some of the projects you’d like to do eventually, so take the time today to at least entertain one of your brilliant ideas.

2. Suggest an idea in your staff meeting

Take a risk—show you care about your company by suggesting a project or idea. If this doesn’t apply to you, brainstorm ideas for accomplishing things in your own life—be bold!

3. Clean out your desk

Use this extra day to do a little spring cleaning. You’ll love the fresh outlook you’ll get.

4. Take a power nap

15-20 minutes should do it. Let your mind and body rest during the day to reboot your system and get your energy levels back up.

5. Collect and process

If you’ve gotten behind on processing your “stuff,” get caught up today.

6. Try something new for lunch

Either go out to eat with a coworker at a new restaurant, order something new off a familiar menu, or cook something you’ve never tried before. New foods introduce a perfect amount of excitement.

7. Read a book—for fun!

Even if it’s just a chapter or two, read for pleasure. Turn off the TV, get off Facebook, and get lost in a good story.

8. Call a friend to chat

Catch up with a friend you just haven’t had time to call lately. Renewing relationships will lift your spirits—and your friend’s as well!

9. Stop procrastinating

Look at your tasks and tackle the project you’ve been avoiding. Take the next action, and then plan the next few actions you’ll need to take to get the ball rolling again.

10. Spend time with a loved one

Take them out to eat, or to a movie, or a show. Make them feel special and loved by giving them some of your extra time.

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