5 Common Denominators of Halloween and Project Management

Halloween is just around the corner! It’s that exciting time of year when kids and kids at heart alike dress up as creepy witches and monsters. Though you may not go out trick-or-treating as an adult, you can still enjoy all things creepy in other ways, and project management is no exception.

Read these Halloween tips for project management, and avoid turning your projects into ghost stories.

Fright. Expect the unexpected. Ghosts from the past can show up when you anticipate them the least. Always keep in mind that the same mistakes will happen repeatedly, so learning from every developed project is a must.

Danger. On Halloween, everyone ventures into the night with caution, watching out for freaks like zombies and witches. When planning a project, beware of threats from inaccurate goal definition to lousy planning. In project management, it pays to thoroughly check every step taken since each is important and determines the next one.

Team. We go out to Halloween parties with our friends; we also work in teams for certain projects. In both scenarios, each member plays a specific role to build the team. It is very important to build teams carefully, validating each member’s role and promoting team unity.

Environment. When trick-or-treating, you carefully plan a route to follow from house to house. In the same way, a project does not develop when it is quarantined. It can go the extra mile if you let your project out in the open. What you need is something that can help you constantly monitor it during the process.

Aim High. Getting the “Best Costume Award” or getting the most candy can be a fun prize for an awesome Halloween night. In project management, being able to satisfy a customer’s needs is the highest achievement a project manager can get. Setting up clear definitions of goals can aim the whole team towards success.

Were you able to think of any other similarities between project management and Halloween? Most of us have experienced anxiety when working on a project and will probably experience it again. But if you learn from the ghosts of the past, you are more likely to avoid problems in the future. Plan projects with caution, work well in your team, create a great project environment and aim high, and your projects will be successful. Have a happy Halloween!

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