5 Steps to Starting Your Second Day

You know those days where everything seems to be going wrong? Or those days when you can’t seem to get on top of things? Or those days when you just want a break? Those days need some kind of reboot, or a way to let go of everything else and get back to the basics: the tasks that need to get done and the things that make you happy.

I recently came across a new principle on another blog. This principle is a way to deal with your day when it has become too much, gotten off track, or lost its sense of purpose. Ellen of Handmade Recess has embraced a philosophy (learned from her friend Jessie) that says when your day gets beyond you and you feel like you’re losing your grip, start your Second Day.

Your Second Day is more than a do-over. It’s a chance to let go and reboot. You back up, do some of the tasks that you need to do to get on top of things, and then do something to make you enjoy your day again. It allows you to finish the hard day right now and start the next “day” without waiting until morning.

Step 1: Decide to Start Your Second Day

Ellen says, “At the very moment when you are just about to give out but your day calls for you to give more, make a shift. Start your Second Day.” Take a deep breath. End the hard day and start a new, fresh day.

Step 2: Back Up

Once you decide to start your Second Day, allot 30 to 60 minutes to “back up” and restart your day. This period of time will help you get your grip as you find the energy you need for your Second Day. Decide if you’ll need 30 or 60 minutes to reboot.

Step 3: Do Some Grunt Work

Split this allotted time in half. Take this first half (either 15 or 30 minutes) and tackle the minutiae that you need to get done. Ellen suggests tasks that require little brain power, such as cleaning, updating spreadsheets, organizing files. Anything that will help you feel on top of things, but never gets that top priority spot. You’ll feel so much better when you get these tasks done and out of the way.

Step 4: Do Something Restful

The second half of your back up time is for you—do an activity that will rejuvenate your mind and body. “Whatever your thing is that makes you feel full and alive and at rest,” as Ellen says. This will help you find the energy you need to keep going on a hard day.

Step 5: Start Your Second Day

Now you’re ready for your Second Day. This process can start whenever you need it to, at any time of the day. Try it out. See if your productivity benefits from your Second Day.

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