6 Reasons to Listen to Music at Work

Some say that listening to music at work is an epidemic that is creating a more segregated, individualistic office atmosphere. However, if used properly, music can boost your productivity, ease your mind, and help you get through your day with a positive attitude. We’ve come up with six reasons to listen to music at work. Do you have any other reasons? Leave them in the comments.

1. To minimize distractions

With a set of headphones securely penetrating your ear canals, external sounds are diminished and even eliminated. This means no more gossip distracting you from your work, no more rumors about what projects are being axed, and no more slamming doors jolting you to attention. Headphones can also deter people from bothering you needlessly, meaning they will only ask you for something if they really need it. So block out all external sound and settle in to get some real work done.

2. To maintain focus

Without distractions pulling you away from your work, you can delve deeper into the thoughts and actions you need to perform. Your focus will be sharper as you let everything else fall away.

3. To get in the groove

Music provides a steady background for your work, so you can move more seamlessly through your tasks and projects. As you maintain focus, you can complete projects in a more timely manner, and then continue on to your next assignment without breaking that focus.

4. To adjust your mood

Cater playlists to the mood you need to be in to be productive. I have a playlist created specifically to induce my creative mood. I don’t always use it (meaning I don’t rely on it), but when I’m stuck, I find that starting up my Creativity Playlist helps me jump in and access my creativity. You can have playlists for any mood—calm and lyric-less for work that requires more focus, loud with motivating beats for work that may seem monotonous otherwise.

5. To relax and lower stress levels

Sometimes when I’m completely focused on my work, I find my legs start bouncing and my shoulders hunch over—my body goes into stress mode. It’s music that allows you to focus without letting your body get tense. At the end of the day, you’ll be grateful for what you got done while keeping your body relaxed.

Music can lower your stress levels by calming your mind and channeling your thoughts so that you don’t have thoughts of other projects and to do lists constantly tugging at you.

6. To make work fun

Music makes life fun, and when your life is dominated by work, it doesn’t hurt to make work fun, too. Your tasks are no longer just about completion when you listen to music. You can sing along with your music and enjoy your process!

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