A Day at the Expo

Andrew & Brandt

Andrew Shirley & Brandt Page at the expo.

Recently Power.ME went on a field trip to The Big Business and Technology Expo at Utah Valley University. The expo is a place where people from all varieties of businesses come together and share what they do. What better place to share an app that helps you better do whatever amazing thing you do?

At the expo we announced a call for beta testers for the Android application. Thanks to those who volunteered to test for us, the full Android app release is on the approaching horizon.

In addition to our announcement, we had a little fun. We held a drawing for a free iPad that was open to everyone at the expo. The winner was Brandt Page of Launch Leads, a company that enables businesses to grow faster, increase sales and marketing efficiencies, and add sales revenue and profitability. Brandt was even brave enough to pose for a picture with Andrew Shirley, Power.ME’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

The environment at the expo was energy-filled and exciting. Thank you to all those who came to see Power.ME demonstrations, and an extra thank you to the Android beta testers.

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