A Project Manager’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2015


2015 is here. We’re starting to think of New Year’s resolutions both at work and at home. Some plan to lose weight, get healthier and exercise more. But a good project manager might be thinking of other ways to brighten up her 2015. Below are some of the resolutions a project manager should consider to make her 2015 an exciting and awesome year.

  1. Better Communication
    It’s a must for any project manager to have effective and flawless communication skills. Projects will be fated to failure if communication plans are taken for granted. Communicate better not just with stakeholders and management, but also with project team members. To be able to maintain expectations and engagements a project manager should make sure that everyone was made aware of what communication to expect.

  2. Manage Everyone’s Expectations
    As a project manager, be the one to manage expectations related to project deliverables. Be sure to work on projects with a documented scope of work: if this is missing it will be fairly difficult to define which tasks have to be delivered and when. You will need to describe to the client why certain tasks, unlike others, necessitate specific time or investment. Hopefully, they will grasp your scheduling and be satisfied with your work.

  3. Collaboration is the Key
    Collaboration starts with the project team. But a project manager should also possess a special ability to impart information and experience to other groups of people who can help bring with a project. Consider consulting with people who are not working with you on a project. You never know what good insights they could share.

  4. Get to Know the Stakeholders
    Identifying a project’s stakeholders helps your team. Stakeholders are your clients, contractors, third party organizations and even the public. Becoming acquainted with these people will let you build an operative communication plan. Exposing your team to the stakeholders will add awareness as to how they can work to meet the stakeholders’ expectations.

  5. Be the Champ!
    Nothing beats the feeling of a team member who knows that he’s got his manager’s back no matter what. Giving a simple gesture of appreciation when team members do well, and sharing fair and constructive criticism when they slip up, are well worth the effort. Project managers should focus on teamwork and not play the blame game. Make your team feel that you’re on their side.

Start the year right and try to stick with your new year’s resolutions all year round. A productive and successful 2015 to everyone!

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