A Project Manager’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is a predictable annual tradition: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pies. Simple, right? While the concept is simple, the execution can be challenging and time-consuming. Those cooking the meal invest a significant amount of time preparing before an oven is even heated. They draw up a list of things to do: deciding which recipes to use, pondering which guests to invite, choosing between an organic free-range bird and a standard turkey, arranging entertainment for the kids, etc. Just thinking about it all is exhausting! Thanksgiving dinner is a great challenge for a person inclined toward project management. Thanksgiving gives us the chance to sit down with loved ones, sharing food and stories while sipping some red wine. In the spirit of this American celebration, please let me list below some things that information workers like project managers might be thankful for:
  • – Being lucky enough to have a decent job in this tough economy
  • – Being part of an organization that values time for family
  • – Clients who invest confidence in you and your work
  • – The opportunity to work on projects that help people
  • – Being able to work indoors when the weather is bad
  • – Working with cool gadgets and tools
  • – Being with a team that reciprocates respect and admiration
  • – Learning new things
  • – Continued understanding and support from your loved ones when you have to spend extra hours at work
To all project managers out there, be grateful and celebrate the small victories in life. Happy Thanksgiving!

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