A Project Manager’s Wish List for 2015


As we get into the groove of 2015, here are the top five items every project manager should include in his or her checklist.

  1. Respect from team members

    In project management, it is very important that the manager earn esteem and approval from colleagues. In this kind of industry, respect can be acquired through a good reputation and good deeds. Respect for a leader is one of the main elements that keeps the team moving forward to go the extra mile. If they have respect for you as their leader, then they will be sure to exert the effort to make a project successful.

  2. Leadership Assistance

    Support from senior management is essential to be able to successfully carry out an initiative. Let your associates know that top leadership sponsors your project, so that they take the project seriously and will help you succeed.

  3. People That Fit

    A successful project is not just driven by leadership support and respect; it is really the team that plays the vital role in the process. Searching for the right people to join your team does not necessarily mean you are looking for the best. The right people are those who can meet deadlines and give quality deliverables within budget and in a timely manner. Look for someone with the skill set that fits well for your project.

  4. Effective Communication

    Equipped with respect, leadership assistance and people that fit, you are well on your way to success. However, be sure to give attention to good communication since this one binds all the three aforementioned things together. Without good communication, a project will fall apart. People will drift away to new projects that are fresh and cohesive. It is essential to keep everyone in the group talking with each other and updated. Regular meetings can be scheduled to give team members the chance to discuss risks and issues, stakeholder updates, status reports and work in progress.

  5. A Pinch of Luck

    You make your own luck. Beam out a sense of optimism and eagerness in and around the team. A person that works with positive energy and a sense of purpose generates opportunities and possibilities; the same goes when working or leading a team. Set aside all the reasons why the project won’t work and focus on that one good reason why it will. Bring your projects success by considering the five essential ingredients mentioned above. Think about these things before you kick-start your first project in 2015. Believe me, it’s going to be worth it.

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