Boost Productivity by Budgeting

Budget sheet & calculator

“There are all sorts of techniques for budgeting well and just as many for being more productive. Budgeting and productivity have a lot in common: One helps your money go further or directs more of it toward what you really want; the other helps your time go further or directs more of it toward what is most important to you.

That said, budgets are typically more concrete than productivity plans, probably because with a budget you have hard and fast units of measurement. With productivity you’re stuck with the vagueness of time, and the value of an hour varies from person to person. (It also varies depending on what hour it is. I don’t invest much time planning out 3:00 a.m.) Even so, there are solid budgeting principles that transfer easily into a basic productivity paradigm. …”

To read more from this post that applies budgeting principles to productivity and time management, visit SimpleProductivityBlog. The post was written by Power.ME’s Kristy Stewart.

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