Consistency vs. One-and-Done

Is it better to do something once, be recognized once, and be remembered for that one thing? Or is it better to make consistent efforts at gaining attention and reaching your audience? Seth Godin discussed this issue on his blog. He says, “Consistently showing up on the radar of the right audience is more highly prized than reaching the masses, once then done.” Instead of striving for a one-time success—your “15-minutes of fame,” as they say—work to be a consistent and strong presence. Maintaining a strong presence in your industry, no matter what your industry may be, will open up doors for you.

Apply this principle to all areas of your life. Consistency in your quality of work will make you a more effective worker. You will reap benefits from your hard work now, but more importantly, you’ll be continuously reaping long-term benefits as you continually focus your efforts on your target audience.

Depending on your line of work, your target audience may be your coworkers and boss. It could also be the audience affected by or directly interested in the work your produce, as is the case with a writer or blogger. If you’re in marketing or manufacturing, the target audience is the people who want/need/buy your product.

Consistency in Daily Work

Your daily work is on a personal level—you need to find a way to be consistent and ever-present in your immediate workspace. If you work for yourself, pace yourself and make sure you have enough tasks in the pipeline. Strive for continual success throughout your day; keeping your tasks focused and attainable will increase your productivity.

Consistency in Project-based Work

A time-consuming, energy-zapping project may be a necessity in your industry, but smaller, more focused projects will ensure you stay on the radar of your target audience. When you map out your projects, plan for the weeks following a big release, publication, or announcement. What can you do to maintain your presence in the media, among your company, or with clients so that they are impressed with what you produced and still continually reminded of your worth?

Consistency in Networking

A skill applicable in almost every field, networking makes a difference in increasing awareness of your skill set, your product, your promotion, etc. Taking Seth Godin’s advice, it is worth more to maintain networked associations regularly versus “once and done.” Not only will you be better recognized if you make realistic and lasting network contacts, but in the future, you’ll be able to rely on these contacts to get your message heard. Consistent relationships will benefit your business, profitability, and even productivity.

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