Coping with Criticism at Work

As a professional, you should possess a high degree of belief in your ability to deliver – especially when caught in a high-pressure situation. The business world is not suitable for people who are feeble or faint of heart. Your competition will likely devour you in one piece if you face your business proposals, projects, and strategies with less than 100%  confidence.

When you hear constructive advice from a colleague, sometimes you may be thrown off guard and start defending yourself by shooting back meaningless and hurtful remarks. You may eliminate them from your friend list just to slash them away from your professional life. It’s nonsense and childish, but for sure, it happens.

It may be hard to cope with criticism at work. It definitely affects your productivity, but it is very important to know how to deal with criticism in a positive way.

Below are some tips on how to handle professional criticism:

  • Change Your Attitude

    You should learn not to respond immediately to criticism. These observations are unbiased and can be a way for you to improve your ways of doing things. After all, coworkers will not exert so much effort just to get their message across to you if it’s not valid and if you will not benefit from it. You should take some time to listen then decide when it is the right time to respond.

  • Embrace It with Enthusiasm

    Learn how to embrace criticism as your fuel for change. If someone highlights a problem in your work, view it as an opportunity to innovate and improve. Do not assume that you are right and everyone else is wrong. It never hurts to accept constructive, helpful advice; you just have to take it as it is.

  • Never Take It Personally

    It is always important to keep your cool when others criticize you. Keep in mind that they are not there to attack you personally – they are there to help you make your ideas better. Keep your mind focused on the project and not on your emotions.

  • Know Where It Is Coming From

    It might help to remember that some of the people who comment on your work have probably been where you are at the moment. Superiors would not be where they are right now if they always reacted negatively to criticisms. Look at the brighter side: take constructive suggestions with grace by learning from others’ examples.

  • You can be the most influential person in a project if you are an effective and confident employee. You are more likely to become a better person and leader than you were if you just know how to take feedback and corrective suggestions.

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