End Your Workday with a Beginning

Work at Sunset

For some, the beginning of the day is the hardest time to be productive. Once the workday begins, you’re looking at piles of projects, tasks, meetings, and other work. The terrain can look a little daunting, especially if deadlines are looming close and the thunder of scheduling disaster is rumbling in the distance. How do you even begin to tackle the work in front of you?

The answer may lie in how you ended the day yesterday. Did you finish off your last project just as it was time to go home? If you scheduled out your time perfectly to end the day at the end of a project, you may have made it more difficult to get started the next day.

Today, instead of trying to end your projects at closing time, try planning things out so you can start a project during the last parts of your day. Leave some loose ends, get only halfway through, or just tackle the beginning stages. This method may feel awkward when you first try it out; after all, going home signals that you’re done working, but an unfinished project or task has a decidedly “not done” feel to it.

But the goal isn’t to leave things unfinished. Rather, the idea is that if you’ve already started a project or task, it will be easier to get yourself to continue it the next day. You already know exactly what you need to do next: you were about to do it before you went home the day before. After doing your first (half) project, moving on to everything else that needs to be done during the day is that much easier. You’ve already started work, so it’s easier to keep going.

When you’re starting a project the day before you’re going to finish it, make sure you write down the point where you left off or the very next thing you need to do. The day after, you’ll have that reminder so you can’t even make the excuse that you can’pt remember where you stopped the day before. Note your stopping point and what’s up next and you’ll have no reason not to get started right away.

Ending your day with a beginning may not work for everyone, but it will certainly work for some. Try it out for a few days and see if it helps. Then post here in the comments to let everyone else know if it worked for you.

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