Enjoying Your Time Off During the Holidays

We often get to enjoy a break from working at some point during the holiday season. This break can be relaxing or hectic depending on how full you (and your family) fill your days. Either way, you should enjoy your time away from your day job so you can appreciate the holidays, spend quality time with your family, and be well-rested when work starts back up again.

Get organized before you leave

Before you leave the office and head off on your holiday adventures, make sure you empty your head of all your stuff. Make complete lists of next actions for the projects you are working on. Clearing your head before your break will let you relax while you’re gone and assuage your concerns that you won’t remember to complete certain tasks when you get back to work. And, if a task DOES come to your mind, you can add it to a list quickly, and then go back to relaxing with family and friends. Keep the list somewhere accessible when you come back to work. With your organized list ready to go, you’ll expedite the process of getting back into your work mindset in the New Year.

Turn off productivity while you’re away

During your time away from work, you may be tempted to try to stay on top of a few projects or even get ahead on your next projects. Don’t let yourself do this! Your days off should be therapeutic. Give your mind a rest and start fresh when you return to work. Plus, holidays are stressful as it is—keep work projects and holiday plans separate to maintain your sanity.

Change your mindset

You should be able to enjoy your break guilt-free. You can’t do this unless you change your mindset. My husband tends to get grumpy when he doesn’t have a schedule, which makes holidays difficult, especially when I just want to relax. We are always talking about how he needs to change his mindset—productivity during the holidays is different than the productivity you experience in the office. Appreciate the change of scenery and pace. You have plenty of “normal” productive days ahead of you.

Don’t forget to rest

You’ve heard the claim, “I need a vacation from my vacation!” You’ve heard it because it is a common feeling: vacations wipe people out! Don’t overdo it during the holidays so that returning to work is a trial. Be sure through all the hustle and bustle that you get the rest you need.

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