Get More Done.

Productivity has become a watchword globally. Are we doing enough? Enough of the right things? It all comes down to MOTIVATION, which has become the foundation of productivity. I read some time ago, a classic business book: “Good To Great”, By Jim Collins. I was fascinated by the whole concept of 2 seemingly identical organizations focused in the same market segment—with entirely different long-term results. One organization thrived and adapted through the evolving business climate. The other, struggled mightily. "Good To Great", by Jim CollinsMy conclusion for the book (which I recommend is STILL a good read now nearly 10 years after the initial publication)—is that there were subtle variances in MOTIVATION. Not just the evidence of activity, the group rah rah meetings, or the gotta-getoutta-bed push—but the actual implementation of self-starting, get-something-amazing-done alone AND with everyone else motivation. From the book: “Doesn’t motivation flow chiefly from a compelling vision? The answer, surprisingly is, “No.” Not because vision is unimportant, but because expending energy trying to motivate people is largely a waste of time. One of the dominant themes that runs through this book is that … you will not need to spend time and energy “motivating” people. If you have the right people on the bus, they will be self-motivated.” Now. Not everyone is a manager of many—but we are, undoubtedly all at-least a manager of one. How do we optimize our own performance such that self-motivation is not a requirement, but a natural by-product of our own performance? Conclusion: My experience tells me that I can and must change constantly. The moment that I slow or stop—is when the alarm bells should begin ringing with deep resonation. I am responsible for my own performance, and will yield that to no-one. If I am not performing to my OWN expectations—then I am probably not meeting the needs of those for whom I am employed. As we observe the waning of one year and the waxing of the new—I am anxious again to find a way to improve my own performance, to reach higher goals, and the become better than I have ever have before.

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