My favorite phrase with my high school buddies was a compression of 5 monosyllabic words:

Get it? Got it. Good.

It became a phrase amongst our presumed elite group of high school pride that implied success and accomplishment and familiarity between those of us that used that term. The key was find the opportunity to say it fast. The more speed applied, the more is sounded like what we presumed was communication between two aliens from Mars. Silly is as silly does.

Now, nearly one million light-years later, with my Power.ME productivity push, I remembered those times during a recent professional encounter. I keep all of my documents that I need in my iPad using Power.ME, mixed in with my projects and tasks. Whenever I have something that needs to be done for a specific meeting or project I have all of the documentation that I need to get it done more effectively. In that venue recently, someone was interested to know if I had the document that I was looking for. Their question was a hurried: “Get it?” which provoked an involuntary rapid response: “Got it.” And the surprisingly equally quick “Good.”

Now, I am not sure how many other high school seniors adopted the need to


But, fortunately at this stage in my life, I still do.

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