Importing Power.ME Media Files from Email

We often hear from Power.ME users that they love being able to take their PDFs, text files, audio files, photos, and more everywhere they go using the Power.ME mobile app. They can organize all the reference and brainstorm materials they need into their projects and keep them interspersed with daily tasks. With the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, they can even import media files from their email accounts to Power.ME.

However, if you’re trying to import, say, a PDF file to Power.ME and you already have 10 other applications on your device that will import PDFs (GoodReader, Pages, etc.), Power.ME may not show up on the list of destinations. This is currently true with all media files, not just PDFs. The trouble is that the Apple devices will only show 10 options for importing—they can’t coordinate more apps than that. So if you have more than 10 applications available to open documents and Power.ME doesn’t show up as one of them, you may need to delete a document-opening app you don’t use to convince your device to put Power.ME back on the list.

If you notice any other rough patches while you’re using Power.ME, please let our support team know about it right away.

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