Lessons Learned from the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games movie comes out this weekend, and the hype is exploding. Such a popular story, the Hunger Games has also taught us some important lessons in productivity.

On Teamwork

Katniss plans to go it alone in the Arena, but as her relationships with both Peeta and Haymitch develop, she understands the benefits of teamwork. While your productivity is easier to monitor on your own, teamwork can increase your efficiency and decrease your stress levels.

On Using Your Strengths

Just as Katniss holds back her archery skills until the moment when they will impress the Gamemakers the most, you should be careful with your strengths. You don’t want to reveal your best skill in a setting where it will be underappreciated or taken advantage of. But don’t be ashamed of your strengths either—be sure to use your strengths when they will benefit you.

On Complaining

Katniss knows that no good comes from complaining—the Capitol will know about it, which is dangerous, and nothing will improve anyway. Instead of complaining, take action. Be proactive in improving your life, whether at work or at home. If you maintain a positive attitude and start making the changes you’d like to see, you’ll be a happier and more productive person.

On Needs vs. Wants

Living on what she can catch herself, Katniss knows the difference between needs and wants. She watches her styling team and pities their self-involvement and ignorance. You would be surprised with what you could simplify in your life if you could always distinguish between your needs and wants. Make a goal to survive on less to help you clear your head of distractions.

On Depending on Others

When Thresh allows Katniss to escape from him, it’s because of Katniss’s kindness toward little Rue. Be nice to everyone—you never know when you’ll need to call in a favor. Others are watching you, so developing your people skills is important as you interact with those around you at home and in the workplace.

On Perseverance

The impossibility of pillaging the Careers’ stockpile in the Arena almost gets to Katniss, but instead she practices patience until she finds a way to achieve her goal by blowing up the whole pile. From this, you should remember that there’s always a way to accomplish a task. Giving up should never be an option; if you work hard, show patience, and exhaust your resources, you’ll find a way to accomplish your goal. Persevere.

Will you be going to see the Hunger Games this weekend?

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  1. Apr 4, 2012
    10:31 pm

    Rocky Romero

    How fun to read about values as applied to a contemporary movie!

    I am able to follow your observations and reflect to how specifically it applies in the movie.

    Wonderful thoughts are shared here for me.

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