Love What Your Productivity Is Producing

We talk a lot about productivity. A lot of people are worried about it; questions about how to improve it burn in our skulls; plenty of people are preaching ways to get better at it. In all the hustle to be more productive, we may occasionally lose sight of what productivity really is.

Productivity is a measurement of how much you produce. It doesn’t necessarily correlate to how many to-dos you can check of your list, or how organized you are, or how many hours you put in at work. It can correlate with those things, but only if you’re getting results, producing something worthwhile, and creating something with the time and effort you’re using up.

But the world is a busy place, full of all sorts of stuff, so you have to ask yourself: Is the stuff you’re producing worth producing?

There are two ways to answer “yes” to that question. You can either produce something you love or produce for something you love (whether that’s people or principles). If you’re doing neither, your production doesn’t matter and your high productivity is purely empty winnings. Productivity is not an end unto itself; it is a means to your dreams.

If you’re producing quickly so you can put food on the table and still spend a lot of time with your family, your productivity is being put to good use. If you’re producing health for sick people, you’re doing something amazing. If you’re creating a widget that you think is the greatest thing since sliced bread, your productive habits are pulling their weight. If you want to stay organized and get things done around the house so your kids can live in a clean, ordered environment, I’d say you’re a star.

If you love what your productivity is producing, finding the motivation to get beyond slumps and hiccups will be a lot easier. If you have a motivation for the end result, it can easily spill over into your motivation for all the middle bits between where you are and where you want to end up.

Loving what your productivity is producing can be one of the best tools in your productivity toolbox, but it’s one many people forget about. It may not even be that they don’t love their end result, but rather that they don’t think about it often enough to do any good. Even the greatest products have mundane things that need to be taken care of, and if you’re only thinking about the mundane and never about the greatness, you’re going to need mundane motivation to do what needs doing.

Reclaim your best productivity tool and remember why you love what you produce.

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