Never Lose Content.

Never. Never. Never Lose Content.

Imagine if you will–that there is a board above each Power.ME employee’s head. Can you see it? Now, imagine–scrawled in blood the words: Never Lose Content. Even though the visual is a little gory, it is just that important.

As we have observed the countless professionals in the quest to create Power.ME–there is room for debate. Should there be A1 and C5 priorities available? What color is most powerful? Is an Android Tablet OS ever going to be introduced, and the list goes on and on…

All of that aside–the question of the day needs no response. Is it possible to LOSE CONTENT? Fundamentally, it would be more comfortable to chew an aluminum foil sandwich–than to lose content around here.

EACH TIME we find anything that compromises content–we want to make sure that it is published and acknowledged. Currently, the release (10.11.0) available on the AppStore has a potential to lose NOTES associated with a task. On the iPhone–when tapping on existing content–the screen comes up blank. If a user were to SAVE that content, it is entirely possible the original content is missing. A fix has been submitted to Apple–please use the following as a workaround:

  • After tapping on the screen to edit
  • Tap the key to remove the keyboard
  • Select the UNDO button
  • The content returns, and allows a user to edit and save as-normal

Again, an update has been submitted to iTunes. We apologize for any confusion. It only presents itself on the iPhone and is not an issue on the iPad or the Web versions.

Embarrassing. Yes. Painful. But at-least it tastes like aluminum foil.

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