New Feature: Add Tasks and Files Via Email (Beta)

Power.ME’s new feature makes adding tasks and files a snap. You can add tasks and files to your Power.ME account by sending an email to your own Power.ME email address, which is unique to your account. You can find this email address on the Power.ME Web App in the drop down menu under your account name.

Create a Task

To create a task from an email, draft or forward an email with no attachments. The subject line of the email will become the name of the task, and any text within the email will be added to the notes section of the task. You’ll find your new task in your Power.ME Inbox.

Add a File

To add a document or other file type, attach the file to the email. The title of the attachment will become the title of the new file in your account. Any text within the body of the email will be added to the file’s notes section in Power.ME. You’ll find the file in the No Project section in the Documents view.

Create a New Project/Drawer

To create a new project/drawer through email complete with content, attach more than one file to the email. A drawer will be added to the root level of your Power.ME account containing each of the attachments you sent. The drawer’s title will come from the subject line of your email, and any text in the body of the email will be added to the drawer’s notes section. The titles of the attachments in your email will become the titles of the files in your new project/drawer.

It may take up to two minutes for an email to be processed and added to your account depending on the size and quantity of attachments.

Do not expose your Power.ME email address to other email recipients by including them in the emails you send to your Power.ME account, or by publishing the address on the Internet.

If you feel this email address has been compromised (you’ve been getting spam in your account, for example), you can opt to generate a new one as a security measure.

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