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Sometimes it’s not enough to simply do more to be more productive. Sometimes you need to change things up. Developing a new skill is a great way to add excitement to your day, and it will improve your productivity as well. A new skill can provide the variety you need to change up a monotonous streak in your life. Breaking up your routine can actually increase your productivity. When we are going through the motions, we miss opportunities to improve ourselves. Maybe the way you’ve always done something is not the most efficient or effective. While routines can bring you stability and calm, they shouldn’t make your life stagnant. Build on your routine—your foundation—by developing a new skill in your down time.

Your new skill can be work related—learning how to use a new program or app, advancing a skill you already have to the next level, or branching out from your current skill set with a skill your company can benefit from. Work-related skills can be beneficial, as long as you choose something that will excite you and give you the energy you need to be productive throughout your day.

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You can download your Google Docs and use them in Power.ME.

  • To download files from Google Docs, tap Add from the home page, or navigate to the folder where you want to add a Google Doc file and tap Add.
  • Tap Google Docs.
  • You will be asked to authenticate, meaning link your device with your Google account. Tap Yes.
  • Sign in using your Google account information.
  • Tap Grant Access to give Power.ME access to your Google Docs.
  • A list of all of your available Google Doc files will open in Power.ME.
  • Select the files you would like to download. You can select as many files as you would like. A check mark will appear next to a selected file.
  • You can tap the action button in the top left hand corner to sort your files by date, alphabetical order, or to see just the files you’ve selected. You can also search for a specific file by typing into the search bar at the top of the box.
  • When you’re ready, tap Done in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap Yes to download the selected files.

To update a Google Doc file, simply open the file and it will update automatically.

You can remain signed in to your Google account in Power.ME, however, Google may sometimes need you to reauthorize your account. If you would like to manually sign out of your account, go to Settings. The Google Docs option allows you to unlink your account. Tap Linked and the button will change to red and read Unlinked.


So why would you want to download your Google Docs to your Power.ME account? There are so many reasons. The ability to organize your Google Docs with your other files allows you to have complete control over your files—you know exactly where they are and you can access them together anywhere. For example, if you are working on a project with your team, you might create a Google Doc file to share with your teammates. The planning, executing, and presenting phases of your project can be edited by everyone on your team. You can access these changes from anywhere at any time with Power.ME. You can also organize the Google Doc file along with other pertinent project documents so everything is consolidated. The convenience of accessing all of this information from your tablet or smartphone will change your life. Whether you are working with a team on an important project, party planning with a committee, or using Google Docs for personal purposes, you will find this feature irresistible. Be sure to test it out using the above instructions, or head to our User Guide.

We are pleased to announce an update for Power.ME Pro available for iOS and Android devices. This update includes new features that we know will enhance your experience with Power.ME. The update includes the following added features:
  • Tablet version for Android devices
  • Ability to record and play movies
  • Ability to download and integrate files from Google Docs and Dropbox
  • Better voice Recognition for Task, Project, and Note creation
  • Ability to create a task from selected text in a Note
  • In-app purchase for monthly synchronization service (automatic payments are set up and can be cancelled at any time)
  • Ability to view documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf) within Power.ME
  • Home view customization (you can now hide the views that you don’t use)
  • Refined user interface, streamlining the Power.ME look
  • Improvements to the Draw pad
  • Minor bug fixes
  Download the update from the Apple Store or the Android Market today, and try out these new features.

We’re now four days into the New Year. If you’re like me, you have finished your neat little list of resolutions, and now you are waiting for your new life to begin.

It doesn’t work like that, actually. Perhaps that is why most people’s resolutions last three months, tops. You can’t simply wish changes in your behavior into existence. You have to plan, and you also have to pace yourself. If you have made six New Year’s resolutions, you have to find the time and energy to work on developing those six resolutions. You may not have time to work on all six at once, and it’s ok to stagger your resolutions to help you develop long-lasting habits.


I finished my list of resolutions just in time to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. However, I still haven’t defined specific next actions for each resolution. And that means I still haven’t made progress on any of the resolutions I set. How many years have I been setting resolutions? Plenty. So why haven’t I planned better?

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Everyone has this idea that the New Year provides you with a blank slate. A chance to start over. This is true, as long as you realize that you have to put in some effort to clear off the slate and make it blank. Before you dive in to 2012, eliminate the clutter and paperwork that is bogging you down. The New Year will look brighter if you take the time to let yourself start over.

Reference Material

Start your clutter purge by going through your reference material. If you find something that could be reviewed once, review it and toss it. Clear out anything that is obsolete—an instruction manual for your old phone, spring catalogs, material for projects that you’ve completed. Give yourself the room you need to collect more reference material this year. If you come across an item you haven’t used in 12 months, you don’t need it. Look through it one more time if you need to, and then clear up space for new material.

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New Year’s is a great time to thin out . . . no, this is NOT another weight loss resolution. It’s a resolution to thin out your projects and commitments for the year. Before you make plans for improvement this year, evaluate the past twelve months and note the projects that were overwhelming, unnecessary, or not worth your while. Make this year one where you accomplish great things, but only those things that keep your life balanced and joyful.

Twelve Month Evaluation

Go through the year chronologically, thinking through each of the projects you completed. Figure out when you were the most overwhelmed during the year. Was it during the summer? Maybe this year you need fewer summertime commitments. Were you busiest during a huge project with a tough deadline? This year you may need to allow more time or allot more resources to projects of that size. Make note of each project that overwhelmed you so you can make improvements on projects of that nature in 2012. Ask yourself: Read the rest of this entry »

We often get to enjoy a break from working at some point during the holiday season. This break can be relaxing or hectic depending on how full you (and your family) fill your days. Either way, you should enjoy your time away from your day job so you can appreciate the holidays, spend quality time with your family, and be well-rested when work starts back up again.

Get organized before you leave

Before you leave the office and head off on your holiday adventures, make sure you empty your head of all your stuff. Make complete lists of next actions for the projects you are working on. Clearing your head before your break will let you relax while you’re gone and assuage your concerns that you won’t remember to complete certain tasks when you get back to work. And, if a task DOES come to your mind, you can add it to a list quickly, and then go back to relaxing with family and friends. Keep the list somewhere accessible when you come back to work. With your organized list ready to go, you’ll expedite the process of getting back into your work mindset in the New Year.

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This week is probably the week with the most distractions built in: interruptions from coworkers, parties, end-of-year meetings, and your own holiday to-do list plaguing your mind every half hour. There is nothing wrong with all of these holiday events and to-dos, but it does get tough to stay focused during this time of year. For distractions now and throughout the year, try these strategies:

Designate a no-distraction time

This strategy should help with both physical and mental distractions. Pick a specific time during your day when you won’t let yourself get distracted. Close your door, turn off your wifi, and put in your headphones. You’ll get in the zone, giving yourself the time you need to complete the tasks at hand. Set an amount of time beforehand, too, to help your mind and body stay focused. The amount of time is up to you; you may only need an hour to get everything done, or you may need to break up your no-distraction time into short periods scheduled around meetings and other interactive obligations. Then, if you need to, tell others when you will be available next—after your no-distraction time is complete.

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Even though we have all these great productivity tools, we still experience failure. Does that mean we need to pursue a new life path? No. Do we need a new productivity system? Not necessarily. Failure is normal, even expected. If you never failed at anything, you probably wouldn’t have the drive to continue accomplishing goals or projects. The New Year is coming fast—this is a time of reflection and redemption. We can all try again, make new goals, and try new things as we enter 2012. Here are a few positive aspects of failure you can focus on to help you maintain your perspective and move forward in the New Year.


You don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes. Think about some of the mistakes you’ve made in your life. Are they the result of cautious behavior or did you step out of your comfort zone and try something new and daring? We need to stretch ourselves, but this probably means we’ll be faced with failure at some point or other. When this happens, focus on what you gained from the experience.

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Working with a team on a project can be a frustrating experience, but collaborative efforts usually produce more extensive and well-rounded results. It’s important to understand how to be a part of a productive team, so that each team member feels proud of their efforts and pleased with the team’s results. Productive teamwork consists of four major components:

1. Communication

The most vital component, communication makes the difference between a stressful joint-effort and a successful project. Initially, you need to establish rapport amongst your teammates. If you can create personal relationships with the people you are working with, you are more likely to approach a problem from similar angles. And when you DO have criticisms to present (which is inevitable—that is a principle part of teamwork), you will be able to show that the criticism is about the project, not about the person. Not only is this good for preventing defensiveness and hurt feelings, but it is essential for executing a productive team project. If you can’t offer criticism and new solutions to problems, your project doesn’t have the chance it needs to become something everyone is proud of.

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