Power.ME Android Update Version 12.0

A Power.ME Professional Android update is available from Google Play. Go download it today to get the latest version of your favorite productivity app.

The update includes a bug fix for a syncing problem in the previous version, as well as a widget. With the widget, you can easily add tasks, notes, and projects. You can also add content via voice command or jump straight into certain views within the app, e.g. task lists, project lists, etc.


  1. Apr 27, 2012
    9:08 pm

    Kraisit V.

    I have got a problem where I cannot start Power.ME on android device. They always hang and require force close. This is after I sync data from iphone that may have old data to the account.
    I have tried sync with another test account and found OK. from both iOS and Android. So I think the problem may be in the real account. Could you help on this? I would like using my real account instead of test account.

    • May 2, 2012
      3:47 pm


      Hello Kraisit,
      I have forwarded your description of your problem to our Android developers. If there is a problem with your real account they should be able to determine the cause and fix it. Thank you.

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