Power.ME Projects: A Primer

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If you’re using Power.ME solely as a way to keep track of your to-do list, you’re missing out on some of its most adaptable and effective features (of course, if your life is simple enough that all you need is one long to-do list, you’re doing pretty darn well for yourself). I’ve discussed a few different ways to use Power.ME filters before, but I’ve never talked about using projects.

In Power.ME, you have the opportunity to create notes, upload documents, add task items, and filter those tasks in a way that’s useful to you. But when you can put so many types of information all in one place, it&rquo;s bound to get a little crowded in your Power.ME account. To help you keep everything organized so you can find just what you need right when you need it, you have Power.ME projects.

Power.ME projects are containers for tasks, documents, sub-projects, and folders. A project could be anything from getting a new set of shelves for the garage to managing an on-the-side small business. You can add sub-projects and folders inside a project that are as many layers deep as you need them, so even when your project is complex, you can compartmentalize it as much as you need to in order to keep things straight.

Using sub-projects within a larger project gives you another benefit: it’s easier to share pieces of a larger endeavor with your collaborators. With Power.ME’s Sync & Share service, you can share projects—and everything inside them—with just a few clicks or taps. After you’ve shared a project with someone, they’ll be able to see any updates or additions to it until it’s completed and deleted.

This means that if I have a bigger project, like remodeling my kitchen, I can split it up into pieces and share those pieces individually. Then the neighbor I’ve asked to help me install the cupboards can see everything we need to do for that, but she doesn’t need to have my plans for painting and decorating cluttering up her account. I can track the project as a whole from my own account and everyone else involved can see just the parts they need to get their jobs done.

Screenshot of Power.ME's project view

Projects have several options, including due dates, password protection, and notes. You can organize tasks into projects, and you’ll also be able to access them through your basic task list and your filters, which means you’ll always be able to find them in the way that’s easiest for you at the moment.

Projects can give you a lot of flexibility in the way you manage your time and tasks, so whatever you’re working on, Power.ME can help you get it done right.

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