User Spotlight: Business Coach Rocky Romero

We love to hear about who’s using Power.ME and how they’re using it to make their lives flow smoothly toward higher productivity and accomplishment. Today we’re spotlighting Rocky Romero, who uses Power.ME to power his life.

Rocky Romero, Power.ME User

Name: Rocky Romero
Profession: Business & Strategist Coach
Location: Chicago, IL, USA

User Bio

Rocky Romero is a business owner and entrepreneur: a business coach. Married, and with three daughters and four grandchildren, he is on the path to abundance. He is the past president of Extreme Toastmasters, president of Infostar International, and a principal in Profit Coaching and ProfitTuit Financial Coaching.

Rocky coaches businesses in both strategic and tactical areas that further the clients in their sales, marketing, processes and revenue.

Why Power.ME?

I’ve been using the iPad, iPhone and web version [of Power.ME] for several months and have combined all my business strategies and tasks on Power.ME because of the ease of use, versatility and the ability to connect with team members on various projects.

The currently released web-based version has been improved significantly more to assist me in my projects. I am able to track my own tasks and projects and the assignments to my team members much more easily than before the upgrade. I can be very specific about tasks with due dates and I can assign color-coded priorities. It’s become a joy to use Power.ME because of the accomplishment that it allows me to have.

I can now control the security of timeout of the web screen. I can also color coordinate tasks to prioritize in multiple ways. These enhancements are brilliant, with an easy learning curve, so they are very useful in providing more. In the executive mode [new to the latest release], I can access tasks and projects by highlighted colors, due date, proximity, completion, and of course, by project.

This is a fun yet serious and useful tool and I use it for my business and for interacting with my teams. The moderate $40 annual fee for the web use is very reasonable. Prior to making a decision on a project management tool, I compared on performance, prices, ease of use, and delegation abilities and Power.ME won on all those counts, even over others that charge much more. I noted that as I add more team members, those members will pay their individual registration fees. This distributes the fees to others and places the responsibility on members to participate willingly. Other apps and programs charge more initially and they continue to charge even more as users are added.

I’m encouraging more of my team players to use Power.ME. Even if they choose not to get Power.ME, they can continue to receive my updates without any cost to them or my team members.

Besides the ease of use and flexibility, this has given me peace of mind that I can track all of my activities, both business and personal. My business has improved and that alone makes this tremendously valuable.

Power.ME is my number one program and app and is always available to me at my desk.

Favorite Feature?

Synching between devices and with my calendar.

I have used many other project management tools, such as MS project on the PC, and numerous apps on the iPad/iPhone. Power.ME has proven robust and reliable, especially since I can access my projects from multiple PCs or mobile tools. I can now have a thought and instantly apply it to my iPhone or iPad (whichever is handy) with date, time, and color priority and delegate it to the right person. The synchronization is flawless and I can apply it to my calendar very easily. I have found that I can eliminate numerous other apps, such as exercise or medical tracking, that I can now update on Power.ME.

Tips for Other Users?

I used to have a separate meeting agenda app and now I can use Power.ME for the agenda using the proximity [or filter] feature. This has saved time in our meetings and all team members can view and add to the agenda prior to the meeting. At the meeting, assignments and dispositions of tasks are made, which expedites the completion of tasks and projects.

Thank you for sharing your Power.ME experience, Rocky!

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