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Sometimes when you think of a productive person, you think of someone who is always doing some sort of work and who gets an immense amount of things done. Some days—perhaps even most—that describes you. You’re an effective, productive, accomplished person.

However, always doing some sort of work can build up to be unhealthy. You can run yourself ragged, overdose on stress toxins, and weaken your interpersonal relationships.

To make sure you’re not unhealthily productive, spend one week using your formidable productivity skills to produce an atmosphere of wellness. Wellness can mean many things, but in this case I’m using it to mean overall balance and health in all areas of your life. For some of you, this won’t involve any big changes. For others, this may mean putting less focus on work and on producing the deliverables you’re known for in your public life, but if you plan your week well, you won’t hurt your work and you might learn some important things about the way you function.

Wellness Productivity Points

When you’re planning your productivity for wellness week, there are a few targets you should definitely plan time for.

  • Full nights’ sleep
  • Complete meals eaten while sitting down
  • Enjoyable interactions with family and friends
  • Blank canvas time

Getting a full night’s sleep and leisurely eating complete meals are things you probably already know are good for your health. They take care of basic human needs in the best way possible, so you should plan them into your wellness week.

Interaction with family and friends is something that often gets trimmed or buried when you focus too hard on work-related results. Since interpersonal relationships are a part of your overall wellness, make sure to plan time to strengthen and exercise these sorts of relationships during your week.

“Blank canvas” time is time when you have nothing in particular planned, so you can act freely in that moment to do whatever is most interesting or relaxing to you. Including blank canvas time gives you the freedom of flexibility—it’s time you could use for work, but only if you’re motivated and excited by your work when your blank canvas time rolls around. If you’d rather do something else spontaneous, do that instead. Spontaneity adds variety and interest to your life and contributes to a more optimistic view of your life situation.

Other things you put a priority on during your wellness week may include exercise (if you don’t already have it scheduled in) and other activities; what you need for your wellness is going to be unique to you.

Your Wellness Week

Your wellness week is intended to rest your mind and your body. It’s not a vacation, per se, since you’ll still have normal day-to-day work and other activities. Your wellness week should be an alternative sort of balance for your life. You’ll be doing most of the same things, just in a different ratio. For one week, instead of putting your focus on getting a lot of things done, you’re going to put your focus on things to promote your wellness.

You’ll use a lot of the same principles and skills you normally use for your productivity; you just need to make things related to your wellness your top priority for the week instead of your latest project.

End-of-Week Assessment

After you’ve spent a week putting your emphasis on wellness, assess how the week went. Were you able to fit wellness into your regular schedule without a complete overhaul? Did you feel better throughout the week? Were you constantly worried that you should be doing something other than whatever excited you during your blank canvas time?

While you’re answering those sorts of questions, consider whether you need to implement a permanent shift in your life balance. Was it impossible for you to fit wellness in because other commitments kept encroaching? Then you should probably reassess and scale back on your commitments. Did blank canvas time make you more excited for tasks you would have had trouble doing if you’d scheduled them? Then try to make blank canvas time a regular fixture in your schedule.

Use your wellness week to assess how you’re doing in your regular balance efforts. If wellness week was easy to do and not too different from how you regularly go through your life, you’re doing a good job. If you had to plan for a month to be able to have one week where you were looking out for yourself, you probably need to do some reevaluating.

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