Power.ME Release Notes

New features, performance enhancements and bug fixes

The Power.ME Web App is new and improved—check out the new updates we’ve implemented today!

We’ve optimized the experience: Features like Search load faster than ever. When opening drawers and folders, your content will display more quickly, giving you those precious extra seconds to increase your productivity.

Edit Nav Menu

Power.ME Web will save the last section you visited on the Home Menu; the next time you open the app, you’ll be automatically returned to this section.

You can customize your experience with Power.ME Web so the sections you access most on the Home Menu are the most accessible.

To hide less-needed items from the Home Menu:

  1. Click the gray bar at the bottom of the Home Menu.
  2. Click the check boxes to specify which sections you would like displayed when you open the web app.
  3. Click the Done button when you’re finished.

Give the updates a try, and let us know what you think.

Power.ME’s new feature makes adding tasks and files a snap. You can add tasks and files to your Power.ME account by sending an email to your own Power.ME email address, which is unique to your account. You can find this email address on the Power.ME Web App in the drop down menu under your account name.

Create a Task

To create a task from an email, draft or forward an email with no attachments. The subject line of the email will become the name of the task, and any text within the email will be added to the notes section of the task. You’ll find your new task in your Power.ME Inbox.

Add a File

To add a document or other file type, attach the file to the email. The title of the attachment will become the title of the new file in your account. Any text within the body of the email will be added to the file’s notes section in Power.ME. You’ll find the file in the No Project section in the Documents view.

Create a New Project/Drawer

To create a new project/drawer through email complete with content, attach more than one file to the email. A drawer will be added to the root level of your Power.ME account containing each of the attachments you sent. The drawer’s title will come from the subject line of your email, and any text in the body of the email will be added to the drawer’s notes section. The titles of the attachments in your email will become the titles of the files in your new project/drawer.

It may take up to two minutes for an email to be processed and added to your account depending on the size and quantity of attachments.

Do not expose your Power.ME email address to other email recipients by including them in the emails you send to your Power.ME account, or by publishing the address on the Internet.

If you feel this email address has been compromised (you’ve been getting spam in your account, for example), you can opt to generate a new one as a security measure.

A Power.ME Professional Android update is available from Google Play. Go download it today to get the latest version of your favorite productivity app.

The update includes a bug fix for a syncing problem in the previous version, as well as a widget. With the widget, you can easily add tasks, notes, and projects. You can also add content via voice command or jump straight into certain views within the app, e.g. task lists, project lists, etc.

We are pleased to announce an update for Power.ME Pro available for iOS and Android devices. This update includes new features that we know will enhance your experience with Power.ME. The update includes the following added features:
  • Tablet version for Android devices
  • Ability to record and play movies
  • Ability to download and integrate files from Google Docs and Dropbox
  • Better voice Recognition for Task, Project, and Note creation
  • Ability to create a task from selected text in a Note
  • In-app purchase for monthly synchronization service (automatic payments are set up and can be cancelled at any time)
  • Ability to view documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf) within Power.ME
  • Home view customization (you can now hide the views that you don’t use)
  • Refined user interface, streamlining the Power.ME look
  • Improvements to the Draw pad
  • Minor bug fixes
  Download the update from the Apple Store or the Android Market today, and try out these new features.

As we mentioned last week, we’re very excited about the new 11.4.0 update to Power.ME. We hope you like the new features and that they help you manage your tasks and projects more efficiently.

If you’re updating your iPhone or iPad to version 11.4.0 from an earlier version of Power.ME or Power.ME HD, there is a possibility that you may see an error message that says, “Username or password cannot be empty.” If you see this error message, simply go to your Power.ME Settings, scroll to the bottom, and tap Register/Sign in. Enter your username and password. After you do this, your updated version will continue syncing with the server using Sync & Share so you can continue managing your life with Power.ME.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions that aren’t covered by our release notes or our user guide, please email support[at]power.me or visit our support page.

We are proud to announce the arrival of Power.ME version 11.4.0. It’s packed with features that made Power.ME better able to adapt to your unique lifestyle.

  • Changing List Order: In any Power.ME list view, you can now change the default order. Simply click (or tap) the Actions button in the upper right corner of your screen, choose the Change Order option, and drag the Sort icon up or down until the item sits where you want it (the Sort icon is the three-line icon on the right edge of an item’s cell). If you move a task out of its original project or folder, its details will change to reflect its new assignment.
  • Executive View: Along with the default view Power.ME has always had, we’ve added an executive view you can implement by adjusting your settings. In executive view, projects are called file cabinet drawers, tasks are categorized in four different ways, and the home menu comes in a different order. Executive view gives you more options so you can adapt Power.ME to your way of getting things done.
  • Priority: Earlier in Power.ME you could highlight tasks; now you can highlight tasks to categorize them by priority. Each priority level (none, low, medium, high, and urgent) has a distinct highlight color so you can always find the tasks that demand your focus. Priority level even syncs to your team members’ devices when you share a task so everyone stays on the same page.
  • Organized List Views:
    • Now when you view your Due Date list, your tasks are divided out into separate sections based on when they’re due so you can better visualize demands on your time.
    • Inside a project or folder, your content is divided into one of three sections: Projects/Folders, Documents, or Tasks. While this is the same order your content appeared in before, now it’s easier to see.
  • Sleeker Interface: Power.ME received several cosmetic changes to make it simpler and more enjoyable to use.
  • Improved Stability: Every aspect of your Power.ME experience will run smoother.

After several weeks in review by Apple, Power.ME release 10.11.1 is now available in the App Store.

This release fixes several known problems with the previous November release (10.11.0).

Look for the December release in the coming days.

We are proud to announce Power.ME 10.12.0
  • New Features:
    • Collaborative Comments
    • Add “Ready-for-Review” status to shared tasks/projects
    • Data conflict resolution
  • Enhancements:
    • Improvements to Drawpad
Note: Release numbers correspond to the last two digits of the year, the month number and the sub-release number, 0 being the initial release number. So, in this case the release is from the year 2010, in December the 12th month and the sub-release build of 0: or 10.12.0
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Dear Power.ME Customer,

In order to get even a simple fix resolved, it requires a review cycle to get through Apple. The following are the known items that we have found, resolved and have submitted to Apple. Where possible, a work-around is posted.

Thank you,
The Power.ME Team

No bugs reported.

As always, our support team will always be happy to help you with any problems you may have. Feel free to contact us. www.power.me/help

Note: If you delete your app, all data that is stored on your device is removed along with it! If you are a non-subscribed user, please do not delete the app without securing all important information.

Is the problem that you are experiencing not listed?
Please, contact Support and let us know. Thank you.

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