Possible Error Message with 11.4.0 Update

As we mentioned last week, we’re very excited about the new 11.4.0 update to Power.ME. We hope you like the new features and that they help you manage your tasks and projects more efficiently.

If you’re updating your iPhone or iPad to version 11.4.0 from an earlier version of Power.ME or Power.ME HD, there is a possibility that you may see an error message that says, “Username or password cannot be empty.” If you see this error message, simply go to your Power.ME Settings, scroll to the bottom, and tap Register/Sign in. Enter your username and password. After you do this, your updated version will continue syncing with the server using Sync & Share so you can continue managing your life with Power.ME.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions that aren’t covered by our release notes or our user guide, please email support[at]power.me or visit our support page.

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