Power.ME Release 10.11.0

We are proud to announce Power.ME 10.11.0
  • New Features:
    • Large PDF Support
      • Sliding your finger along the right-hand side of the screen allows you to quickly navigate to any page in the PDF document.
    • Audio notes (record & playback)
    • iCal integration (iPhone only, iPad available after release of iOS 4.2)
    • Convert a Project to a Folder and visa-versa
    • Document attachment downloading – Lazy vs Automatic.
      • “Lazy” means that documents download from the server only when you view them.
      • “Automatic” means that documents are automatically downloaded during synchronization with the server.
    • Completed View – View all Completed tasks together
    • Notepad View
      • Now displays in full screen mode
      • Button to insert Date/Time at cursor location
  • Enhancements:
    • Change Password View – requires old password
    • Local Notifications
    • Push Notifications
    • Auto-update registration validation
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
Note: Release numbers correspond to the last two digits of the year, the month number and the sub-release number, 0 being the initial release number. So, in this case the release is from the year 2010, in November the 11th month and the sub-release build of 0: or 10.11.0

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