Replacing Negativity with Gratitude

Negativity reduces productivity. It is a depressor, a quality that diverts mental energy toward unproductive thinking. Think about a time when your thoughts turned negative during a project. Did the project take more time to complete than it should have? Did you finish without any sense of accomplishment? Did you come out of the project with bitter feelings that still haven’t gone away?

I’m sure at least one of those responses was “yes.” Negative attitudes cause unnecessary setbacks in any project. If you can replace negativity with gratitude, your changed attitude allows you to evaluate the project, spend your mental energy solving any current or potential problems, and find a new path to success. In a recent post, Mike Vardy discusses the benefits of showing gratitude, which is appropriate during this Thanksgiving season. He tells us to show more gratitude, since “there’s no negativity in [gratitude].”

Gratitude for your situation

“I’ve found that by being grateful for where I’ve been helps me get clear on where I’m going,” Vardy goes on to say. It is all-too-common for us to finally reach a destination in our lives and immediately think of all we have to do to reach the next destination. If we aren’t careful, we become negative about the future and forget what we have already accomplished.

Gratitude for others

It is easy to focus on the flaws of those around you, especially around the holidays. Often, you have to deal with difficult people—coworkers, extended family, customer service representatives—so you may need to think of some tools to be able to deal with these people without losing your cool and throwing off your whole day. One tool you could try is to write down a list of people you are thankful for and why you are thankful for each person. Then, take your list and write a thank you note to one of the people on the list. You can handwrite the note, email it, or even text it. Remember, it has been said that gratitude not shared is like wrapping a gift and never giving it.

Gratitude for yourself

Replacing the negativity you feel toward yourself will be the most beneficial to you. Find the things about yourself that you are grateful for, and remind yourself of those traits when you fall short in other areas. If you are continually falling short of the goals you set for yourself, change your perspective, and alter those goals, whether they be life goals, work goals, health goals, etc. Change your outlook on life by being proud of yourself. Be thankful for the natural skills you have and for the skills you’ve acquired over the years.

How do you show gratitude in your life?

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