The #1 Top Productivity Tip

Smiling at Work

You visit this blog for productivity insights and tips because you’re seeking that one elusive trick of the trade that will give you eternal productive success. Maybe you’re looking for the magic word that will make life simpler, or at least give you a stronger foothold on getting things done. You may have lost hope in finding this productivity chimera—perhaps you’ve decided it’s unrealistic to think you can find one thing that will ease your worries and woes.

But the best productivity tip in the world is right under your nose. Literally.

I’ve mentioned before that optimism is a force multiplier. The best way to infuse optimism into your efforts is to smile. Smiling is the top productivity booster you can find.

Smiling Encourages a Positive Outlook

Your mind and body associate smiling with happiness, contentment, and optimism. If you make a conscious effort to smile more often, you’ll be inviting more of these things into your life. This invitation come in one of two forms. First, you’re “faking it ‘til you make it” and smiling in spite of yourself until you believe there really is something to smile about. Alternately, you could be more optimistic because in actively looking for an excuse to smile you’ll find more reasons than you thought there would be.

Once you’re using your positive outlook to filter the world, it will be harder for you to get stuck in ruts, lose focus, or falter in your momentum. You’ll also start appreciating your small successes along the way to your big success, which adds to your momentum.

Smiling Improves Undesirable Circumstances

In your work—in your life, for that matter—you’re bound to run into unfavorable circumstances. Maybe someone you were counting on didn’t pull through o n their deadline; maybe an unexpected schedule change means you’re now double booked for Thursday evening; perhaps you just discovered that your Big Idea has already been done by an established organization.

If you’re using the best productivity tip, these circumstances won’t keep you down or stop your progress. You’ll find a way to smile about it and, in smiling, you’ll find the motivation to adapt, readjust, and hunker down for undesirable circumstances.

Smiling Smooths Rough Patches

Even when our circumstances are desirable overall, there are always rough patches in our lives that can cause friction during the day-to-day and slow us down. Choosing to face everyday rough patches, like a mid-afternoon slump, with a smile reduces that friction. Smiles can grease the wheels of your day so you can travel more smoothly throughout your daily tasks, goals, and dreams.

Outside of practical explanation, smiling just makes life better. Most of us try to be productive in an effort to make our lives better. Consistently smiling can serve the exact same goal.

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