The Value of Feedback

So you work hard every day, but do you work smart? Do you know if you are meeting the goals set by both you and your company? Do you know if your hard work is appreciated? It shouldn’t be hard to find out. Getting feedback on your work isn’t just for the low guy on the totem pole; everyone needs some positive and negative feedback to help them improve at what they do.

Why You Should Want It

You don’t need to be afraid of receiving feedback; it’s how you continue to develop your skill set. Asking for it shows others that you want to improve, and when you show you want to improve, others’ respect for you grows. You can benefit from both positive and negative feedback. Not only will you have the chance to make changes in your work, but you’ll be viewed as a conscientious worker, an asset to any company.

How You Can Get It

Ask for feedback. When you ask for feedback, you are showing initiative. You show your coworkers that you care about your work. Royale Scuderi at says “Most people simply don’t think to offer suggestions or only think to give it when it is in some way negative.” Positive feedback can be forgotten, so when you seek out feedback, you are more likely to receive the positive feedback you haven’t been hearing so far.

You’ll get more feedback when you implement the feedback you’ve already received, so be sure to listen. Take notes or mentally prepare to implement the advice.

What You Can Do With It

Try it out. Even if the feedback doesn’t seem like the natural path for you to take, you can still try something new. You should also be proactive about both the negative feedback AND the positive feedback. If you are performing really well, make sure you still find ways to maintain and improve your skills. Then, make goals based on the feedback you choose to accept.

Royale suggests you evaluate and filter the feedback you receive. She says to ask the questions, “Do you respect the person’s opinion? Do they have relevant experience and knowledge? Do you have confidence they will be truthful? If not, ignore them.” Keep in mind that you are a hard worker. Don’t let incorrect opinions make you feel otherwise.

You may find that the feedback you’re given increases your productivity, so again, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

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