Web App Upgrades

The Power.ME Web App struts out today with several new features.

  • Printing: You can print your Due Date and Priority/Highlight lists by clicking the Action button (the box with an arrow coming out of it in the top upper right corner of the app) and selecting Print.
  • Easier Project Editing: When you’re viewing the contents of a project, you can view and edit the Project Details by clicking on the Action button and selecting View Project/Folder Details.
  • New Navigation Options: You can now navigate into a project or folder from the Tasks, Documents, and Completed views by clicking on the header that divides and organizes your content by project/folder (mobile devices already support this feature).
  • Log Out Menu: You can log out of Power.ME by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the app and selecting Sign Out from the list of options. You can also update your subscription from that options list.
  • Repeat Feature: The Repeat feature for tasks has been polished up and now runs smoothly on the Web App.
  • IE 9 Compatability:The Web App’s full set of features is now compatible with Internet Explorer 9.

Hope you enjoy the new features! If you have any questions about them, comment here or contact our support team.

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