Which Avenger Are You?

Are you the superhero your company relies on to get things done? With the release of the new Marvel comic-based Avengers blockbuster, people are enthralled with the idea of superheroes. Which Avenger do you most identified with?

The Hulk

Known for his angry disposition and brute strength, the Hulk is basically unstoppable. As Dr. Banner, he is quite intelligent, but to get things done, he takes on his other persona. If you identify with the Hulk, you like to power through any project. You don’t let anyone or anything distract you from your goal. There is no task or project you can’t tackle.

Iron Man

Iron Man is also an intelligent person. From a near-fatal accident, Iron Man rose from the dust and made the best of his situation. All of his unique abilities are of his own creation. You could be considered the Iron Man of your office if you are clever, quick, and an independent problem-solver. You are also fearless, ready to jump into any project that comes your way. You use your brain to solve problems.

Captain America

Now, here is a born leader. Captain America has the vision to command entire armies and defeat even the most overpowering foe. He has the best qualities coupled with the strength and determination to make things happen. If you’re the Captain America in your workplace, you are a strong and beloved leader. You know how to delegate and instruct those on your team. You also have the strength to hold your own in the project, and your coworkers respect the effort you put in.


Thor is a god from another world, and as such maintains a broad perspective of his situation. He is both strong and combative. His hammer is a magnificent tool he uses to earn the respect and deference of those he leads. With a strong voice and a kind heart, he is a leader that everyone wants to work for. You are the Thor in your office if you can command with power while still being perceived as a loving leader. You know how to work in a team, and you commend the efforts of those around you.

Black Widow & Hawkeye

Not a superhero, but a trained spy, Black Widow is bold, fearless, and ruthless. She doesn’t reveal much about her inner thoughts, but she does share a connection with Hawkeye. Also a trained spy for S.H.I.E.L.D., Hawkeye is a loner. He prefers a bird’s eye view of most situations, and his ability to shoot a bow and arrow is impressive.

If you’re like one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, you have both natural talent and immense skill in your field. You are able to follow orders without depending on others to complete your tasks. At the same time, you are intuitive, and you can sense what actions need to be taken for your project without waiting for direction to be given.

So which Avenger are you? Any one of those heroes has the qualities needed for a productive powerhouse worker.

Images from Marvel.com

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