Working Well With Your Manager


The perspective of your manager can be a lot different from yours, making it hard for you to get on his or her good side. However, there are things that you can do to make life easier:

    • – When you present your boss with a problem, also present possible solutions to the problem. Problems in the corporate world are inevitable, but your boss will be much more willing to help you work out a problem if you show the initiative in thinking of solutions.
    • – Understand that making decisions as a manager is never easy, especially when they know that they are the ones responsible for the “whole pie.” Decisions that may seem easy for an ordinary employee may be the other way around for the boss. For example, understand that your manager might reject your request for a new tool or software because this might represent a great strain on her budget, requiring cuts in other places.
    • – Managing a team requires a lot of patience and hard work, especially when team members are feedback-resistant or, worse, unpleasant. A good manager will never tolerate an employee with good quality of work but with a poor attitude.
    • – Saying yes to one means saying yes to all. It’s a dilemma for a manager to say the word yes to staff members, since this may prompt claims of special treatment to one employee and not to others. For instance, it might be fine for you to work from home but would definitely not work well for other team members; your boss might have to say to no to your request.
    • – Accept criticism. It hurts to hear about your mistakes, but it hurts more if your manager does not bother to let you know about the situation. Most managers do not give out criticism to put you down; their aim is to help you do better – both for you and the company’s benefit.
    • – It’s a lot better to fully own your work rather than simply executing it. Owning your work means you’re the one pushing it forward, seeing errors before they arise and proactively taking steps to fix them. This kind of approach may elevate you in your boss’s eyes and improve your career path.
    • – Be mature. Be solution-oriented, and do not rely on spoon-feeding. Solve your personal issues at home, and deal effectively with interpersonal issues at work. Avoid being the cause of drama, and simply be a professional adult.
    • – It’s not bad to ask for help, because there are just some things that you cannot solve on your own. Hiding a problem won’t solve it. Always remember that a good manager welcomes a sensible question.

It can be tough to understand and get along with a manager, but following these pointers should help you improve your relationship.  

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