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      There are no guarantees that your projects will be successful, but the steps mentioned below can increase the success rate and feasibility of business efforts. Proficient project team members A skilled and knowledgeable organization will only coordinate efficiently if it is composed of competent and proactive members. A framework of project processes […]

In any company, profitability is a main concern. Below are a few points to consider when one project manager aims to improve his or her project’s profitability: – Conduct research, then compare and select an online project management app that will fit your business structure. It is necessary to have your projects managed in an […]

As we get into the groove of 2015, here are the top five items every project manager should include in his or her checklist. Respect from team members In project management, it is very important that the manager earn esteem and approval from colleagues. In this kind of industry, respect can be acquired through a […]

So, how were your New Year’s resolutions from last year? I bet most of you, like me, started out with good intentions and then ended up forgetting about the goals you set. It’s never too late to make resolutions to make your projects more effective and manageable. Stop setting unrealistic targets, and start jotting down […]

2015 is here. We’re starting to think of New Year’s resolutions both at work and at home. Some plan to lose weight, get healthier and exercise more. But a good project manager might be thinking of other ways to brighten up her 2015. Below are some of the resolutions a project manager should consider to […]

  The perspective of your manager can be a lot different from yours, making it hard for you to get on his or her good side. However, there are things that you can do to make life easier: – When you present your boss with a problem, also present possible solutions to the problem. Problems in […]