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So you work hard every day, but do you work smart? Do you know if you are meeting the goals set by both you and your company? Do you know if your hard work is appreciated? It shouldn’t be hard to find out. Getting feedback on your work isn’t just for the low guy on […]

Some say that listening to music at work is an epidemic that is creating a more segregated, individualistic office atmosphere. However, if used properly, music can boost your productivity, ease your mind, and help you get through your day with a positive attitude. We’ve come up with six reasons to listen to music at work. […]

Is it better to do something once, be recognized once, and be remembered for that one thing? Or is it better to make consistent efforts at gaining attention and reaching your audience? Seth Godin discussed this issue on his blog. He says, “Consistently showing up on the radar of the right audience is more highly […]

Breaks are an important element of your work day. To understand the reason why taking breaks at work is important, think about a scenario where you have to slam on your brakes in a car. This usually happens when your focus has drifted slightly from the road and from driving. Slamming on your breaks is […]

It’s spring: the flowers are coming up, the sun is coming out, there is new life all around you. This season is traditionally a time of new beginnings—a chance to refresh your outlook and your behaviors. New Year’s has come and gone, and let’s face it, reviewing your goals and plans for life only once […]

Do you just consume all day? Or do you produce as well? Obviously we are all a little of both. Striking a balance between the two is good, and producing more than you consume is best. Clay Johnson, author of The Information Diet, cautions us, “We can lose our whole day, if we’re not careful, […]