Why Power.ME?

What does Power.ME do for you and why do you need it?

ower.ME is a groundbreaking new Task and Project Management tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your life. Accomplish everything you need to do at Work, Home, School, Church or anywhere! Need to collaborate on a project or task with your co-workers or friends? No problem, Power.ME lets you interact to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Power.ME is accessible using the Web, or an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The applications for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are available in the Apple iTunes store and help Power.ME users to be more productive by delivering a truly mobile management tool. For users that prefer to start online, the Web app is available by going to http://Power.ME and logging in or registering for a Power.ME account.

Features that Empower You

Power.ME comes packed with powerful features to help make you become more productive, organized and empowered. Get more done by taking advantage of these features.

Power.ME Projects

Personal Productivity

Define Projects/Folders with Tasks
Power.ME Highlighter

Prioritization of Performance

Which tasks or projects to focus on initially
Power.ME Documents

Supporting Content

Having the instructions with the projects (office docs)
Power.ME Completed Task

Optimize performance

Filter the to do list by location
Power.ME Team Room

Collaborate with others

Power.ME Due Date

Capture in real time

Smartphone, audio thought.
Power.ME Locked Folder

Security of content

Since it is backed up online, it will never be lost
How We Are Different Power.ME is not just another iPhone/iPad “to do list” manager. With Power.ME you can organize and manage your tasks, projects, documents and more from an intuitive, powerful interface. Backup your data and synchronize with multiple devices to make sure you have your data wherever you go. Share, assign and delegate tasks to other Power.ME users as well as those who do not use Power.ME.