Power.ME Sync & Share

Share content, synchronize your devices, and back up & restore data
ou access the internet in dozens of ways every day—from several devices—while you’re striving toward your goals. To get everything done, your need your iPad, smartphone, and still your desktop. So why not have the content for your projects and tasks available on all of them? Power.ME Sync & Share makes it happen.

Share Tasks, Folders, Projects & Docs

Power.ME Sync & Share lets you collaborate with others regardless of whether or not they use Power.ME. You need to get more done, and you can do that by doing some tasks yourself—and delegating others. You can share everything from a task or note to an entire project full of sub-folders and tasks. Whatever you need to collaborate on, Power.ME Sync & Share can share it.

Synchronization of Multiple Devices

Do you use both the iPhone and the iPad? Do you always have your iPhone with you and use your iPad more often than your desktop computer? With Power.ME Sync & Share you can add a quick task on your phone and then edit it later on your iPad or your desktop. Keeping your Power.ME content consistent and available provides you with the flexibility you need to get things done.

Secure Offsite Backup and Restore

We know it will never happen to you, but what if someone’s phone was compromised, stolen or lost: How could all the meticulously gathered content be retrieved? Using the same login credentials as your basic account, your Power.ME Sync & Share account protects a copy of all Power.ME content in a remote, secure location.

Desktop Web Access

Even with all your mobile devices, you still have a desktop somewhere, and chances are that’s where a lot of your documents are. With Power.ME Sync & Share you can add those documents to your projects and folders from your computer. Once you sync, all those documents are available on your mobile devices.

Only $39.99 per year

Note: Any user can register and receive free 30-day subscription without a charge or a credit card. If at the end of the 30 days you aren’t satisfied, you only have to let the subscription expire.