Power.ME Professional

Power.ME for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Power.ME HD 

Have you surprised yourself by serving as a walking commercial while you try to balance your many Apple devices? As we were creating Power.ME, we focused on making it simple and easy to use all your devices to help you manage your life. The result? Power.ME HD. We recommend it if you have a combination of an iPad and an iPhone or iPod Touch on your iTunes account. Power.ME HD has all of the same features as Power.ME Professional, but they’re built specifically for whichever device you want to run it on. Even on the iPads large screen, you’ll have a smooth, intuitive interface to power your high-tempo tasks. One Power.ME HD purchase, and you can have mobile productivity everywhere.
See Note Note below.

Only $29.99

Power.ME HD is Available on the iTunes App Store

Note: You will need to purchase a subscription to Power.ME Sync & Share to synchronize multiple devices with each other.