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Blake RoneyPower.ME is the only way I can organize the tons of stuff that I manage without carting around a file cabinet. The right product did not exist, so I helped create it. I use it all of the time.
Blake Roney, Chairman of the Board, NuSkin, 2010

Our team began using Power.ME as early as the beta cycle. We have grown to depend upon Power.ME to get more done, and collaborate effectively as a team.
Jay Roberts, Managing Director, Riverwoods Retail

A Versatile Business App! No matter what your business is involved in, this app will help you organize, prioritize, and collaborate. I especially like the team room and inbox feature, which allow you to assign tasks to team members and track progress. The app is very intuitive. Great Job!
sb&c on iTunes App Store

Finally. It’s nice to finally have an all in one app that allows me to organize everything according to different specifications and then view it in different ways according to what I need to see. I’ve always used multiple apps to accomplish what this app does with great simplicity. It’s easy to use, and actually quite satisfying to look at my task list and think “I think I will actually be able to accomplish these things now.” Having this app will make it almost impossible to let important tasks slip through the cracks. I think it would be extremely effective for businesses. Thanks for the great app!
Supersecretname567 on iTunes App Store

A powerful and useful app. A very powerful, no frills application for organizing your life. The layout is very practical and open – I use this app for everything from my work projects to my shopping list. What’s more, I have no technical expertise whatsoever and I am to sync documents, contacts, and information between my iPad, iPhone, and laptop without any problem. The high price for this app (relative to most iPad apps) is a good reflection of the high value you get.
brrbrr on iTunes App Store

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