Data Conflict Resolution

Data conflicts are possible when you're working with multiple devices or collaborators

What Is Conflict Resolution?

It is occasionally possible that the data on the Power.ME server and your local device may be different. Power.ME resolves the different data sets by merging them together so you can edit them and keep what you need without losing anything. This sort of conflict-induced merge may occur in the following instances:

  1. A task is modified and synchronized on a device or the Web app and the same task is modified on a second device before synchronizing with changes from the server. When the second device tries to synchronize with the server, the changes on the server will conflict with the changes on the device. Our data conflict resolution will give you both sets of changes.
  2. User A shares a task with multiple collaborators. User B and User C are accessing and editing the task details at the same time. User B saves his changes and will not have a conflict; however, when User C saves her changes, the task will then have both User B’s edits and User C’s edits.

This feature ensures that your ideas won’t be lost and that team members won’t accidentally overwrite others’ contributions