Sharing with Non-registered Users

What do non-registered users experience when they use Power.ME?

hen you share a task with other Power.ME users, it will appear in their Power.ME Inboxes and they can immediately work it into their projects, folders, and filters. But you can also share tasks with team members who don’t use Power.ME. If you’re wondering what these team members see when they’re assigned a task, you can look at the following screenshots, which document the process.

  1. Email – When you assign a task to specific users, they will receive an email that looks something like this:

  2. Web – After clicking on the Review this Task link in the email, they will be re-directed to a web page to see the task, change the status, or submit a note. There is also a registration panel where they can register for free if they like. If they do register, the view will change.

  3. Web – After submitting the registration request, a verification window comes into view and invites them to complete the registration using their email address.

  4. Email – The following e-mail is sent to registering users, where they are simply asked to validate the email address by clicking on a link.

  5. Web – As part of the verification process, newly registered users see a welcome screen.

  6. Web – From now on, newly registered users will receive tasks in their Power.ME accounts, which will look like the Web app version you had access to when you sent them their first tasks.

Newly registered users will have 30 days of free access to the full version of Power.ME with Power.ME Sync & Share; after that, they will still be able to receive tasks from you, but they won’t be able to add their own tasks, projects , and documents unless they subscribe to Power.ME Sync & Share.