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Receiving and Organizing Items in the Inbox

The inbox is where you find all your new tasks and all the unorganized tasks, projects and folders that others have shared with you.

  • To move an item out of the Inbox, there first needs to be somewhere for it to go. If you don’t have a project or folder in which it would fit appropriately, take the time now to create one. (See the “Projects” portion of the user guide for more information on creating a project or folder.)
  • Once there is somewhere for the unorganized item to go, click the cell of an unorganized task or the icon of an unorganized project or folder to open the Details window.
  • Click the Project field in the details options (if the item is a project or folder, the field is called Parent).
  • The left-hand panel will show the Select Project panel, which displays you your projects and folders. Select the project or folder you want to organize the new item into by clicking on it. If you can’t see the project or folder you want, or you want to find it faster, click the search bar in the top of the Select Project panel and type the project or folder name.*
  • Once you’ve chosen a project/folder, the Select Project panel will disappear. Now you can either continue editing the item’s details or click Save in the bottom right corner of the screen.
*You can also streamline what you’re viewing by clicking Shared or Mine right under the search bar. These will limit the projects and folders to either those that you and others have shared with each other or items you have shared with no one.

Navigating the Team Room

Your Team Room displays all the content others have shared with you and you have shared with others using Power.ME Sync & Share. Content is divided into items that have been assigned to you and items you have assigned to others. The items you have shared are further divided according to who you shared them with. You can navigate and edit Team Room content the same way you navigate and edit unshared content: Click project and folder cells to see their contents; click project and folder icons to view their details; click document and task cells to see their details; etc. However, there are a few differences.

  • You cannot mark a task someone else created and assigned to you as completed. When you feel you have completed the task, click the empty icon next to the task until a white checkmark appears in the box. This checkmark indicates that the task is ready for review. (To learn more about the task review process, see the “Tasks” portion of the user guide.)
  • You cannot edit the details of an item another user created. However, you can add comments to an item after opening the item’s details window (for projects/folders, click their icon; for tasks, click their cell; for documents, click either the icon or the cell). (To learn more about commenting on shared content, see the “Tasks” or “Projects” portions of the user guide.)

Restoring Items from the Trash

Items you have deleted are not immediately destroyed. They are stored in your Trash until you specifically destroy them or empty the Trash. Up until that point, all your deleted tasks, projects, folders, and documents can be restored.

  • Click Trash on the Home Menu.
  • Click on the item you want to restore (it doesn’t matter if you click the icon or the cell; both do the same thing).
  • Click Restore in the options window that appears.
If you restore a project that has items assigned to it, the project and its items will be restored. If you restore a task, but not the project or folder it was originally assigned to, the task will be restored but it will no longer be assigned to that project. This is true even if later on you restore the task’s parent project.

Destroying Items in the Trash

  • If you want an item in your Trash to be deleted forever, click Trash on the Home Menu.
  • Click on the item you want to destroy (it doesn’t matter if you click the icon or the cell; both do the same thing).
  • Click Destroy in the options window that appears.
If you destroy a project, all its contents are also destroyed and cannot be restored.

Emptying the Trash

  • If you want all the items in your Trash to be destroyed, click Trash on the Home Menu.
  • Click the Empty Trash button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking Yes. After you do, the items will be permanently destroyed (and irretrievable).

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