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Are you the superhero your company relies on to get things done? With the release of the new Marvel comic-based Avengers blockbuster, people are enthralled with the idea of superheroes. Which Avenger do you most identified with? The Hulk Known for his angry disposition and brute strength, the Hulk is basically unstoppable. As Dr. Banner, […]

Learning to love yourself is a lesson we all must learn if we want to enjoy life and feel accomplished. It’s not always an easy thing to do—often you are your own worst enemy, your greatest critic. But this Valentine’s Day, take time to appreciate not only your loved ones, but yourself. I’ve outlined varying […]

We’ve discussed learning a new skill before as a tactic for increasing your productivity. Now let’s talk about looking at the tasks you do on a regular basis and finding new strategies for accomplishing them. You may think you’re doing just fine as far as productivity goes, but it never hurts to try out new […]

Negativity reduces productivity. It is a depressor, a quality that diverts mental energy toward unproductive thinking. Think about a time when your thoughts turned negative during a project. Did the project take more time to complete than it should have? Did you finish without any sense of accomplishment? Did you come out of the project […]

Staying productive is difficult. Nobody can meet all expectations all the time, and missed deadlines and unmet goals are disappointing, to say the least. But dealing with those disappointments—and overcoming them—is a whole lot easier when you’ve got the right mindset, namely one that author Oren Harari calls disciplined optimism. Harari began his look at […]

For part two of the Memorial Day couplet of posts (see part one), I’ll take a look at the experiences of Admiral James Stockdale when he was a prisoner of war during Vietnam. In a time of obvious stress and increasing difficulty, Stockdale remained strong. He and others in his camp kept a solid support […]