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So you work hard every day, but do you work smart? Do you know if you are meeting the goals set by both you and your company? Do you know if your hard work is appreciated? It shouldn’t be hard to find out. Getting feedback on your work isn’t just for the low guy on […]

So much of what we all do each day relies on other peoples’ work ethics. We have ten assignments to do, but five of them are on our “Waiting For” list. Sometimes it’s nice to know that we can’t work on an assignment until the person who has it is done with it, but other […]

You can download your Google Docs and use them in Power.ME. To update a Google Doc file, simply open the file and it will update automatically. You can remain signed in to your Google account in Power.ME, however, Google may sometimes need you to reauthorize your account. If you would like to manually sign out […]

Processing your email can tear a huge chunk of time out of your day if you manage several projects or have some other reason to be receiving and sending lots of emails. Some of those emails are going to ramble and be lengthy beyond what their subject matter warrants. This wastes your time, slows your […]

For part two of the Memorial Day couplet of posts (see part one), I’ll take a look at the experiences of Admiral James Stockdale when he was a prisoner of war during Vietnam. In a time of obvious stress and increasing difficulty, Stockdale remained strong. He and others in his camp kept a solid support […]

In honor of Memorial Day, today’s post is part one of a two-part series that applies principles inspired by the experiences of American military servicemembers (part two will post on Tuesday). Today focuses on lessons learned during Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan. Pete Blaber, a Delta Force commander who directed significant aspects of Operation Anaconda, wrote […]