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Are you the superhero your company relies on to get things done? With the release of the new Marvel comic-based Avengers blockbuster, people are enthralled with the idea of superheroes. Which Avenger do you most identified with? The Hulk Known for his angry disposition and brute strength, the Hulk is basically unstoppable. As Dr. Banner, […]

Working with a team on a project can be a frustrating experience, but collaborative efforts usually produce more extensive and well-rounded results. It’s important to understand how to be a part of a productive team, so that each team member feels proud of their efforts and pleased with the team’s results. Productive teamwork consists of […]

You don’t have to be in kindergarten to know you are supposed to share with others. Today I’m going to remind you about and expound on one of the best features of Power.ME: sharing. It is so easy to share files with other Power.ME users, and you can share files with non-users as well.

We’ve all heard the phrase: “Do not get others to do that which you can do yourself.” But that advice is hardly undisputed. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Productivity guru David Allen says that when you discover a task, you should ask yourself, “Am I the right person for this […]