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Power.ME’s new feature makes adding tasks and files a snap. You can add tasks and files to your Power.ME account by sending an email to your own Power.ME email address, which is unique to your account. You can find this email address on the Power.ME Web App in the drop down menu under your account […]

Processing your email can tear a huge chunk of time out of your day if you manage several projects or have some other reason to be receiving and sending lots of emails. Some of those emails are going to ramble and be lengthy beyond what their subject matter warrants. This wastes your time, slows your […]

Email is disastrously convenient: Sending one is as easy as it gets, so we all end up receiving plenty more than we probably should. Inboxes can be clogged with hundreds of emails, and many of us develop compulsions to always be checking for new notes and constantly acting on what we find in our @somewhere.com […]