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The Power.ME Web App is new and improved—check out the new updates we’ve implemented today! We’ve optimized the experience: Features like Search load faster than ever. When opening drawers and folders, your content will display more quickly, giving you those precious extra seconds to increase your productivity. Power.ME Web will save the last section you […]

Power.ME’s new feature makes adding tasks and files a snap. You can add tasks and files to your Power.ME account by sending an email to your own Power.ME email address, which is unique to your account. You can find this email address on the Power.ME Web App in the drop down menu under your account […]

You can download your Google Docs and use them in Power.ME. To update a Google Doc file, simply open the file and it will update automatically. You can remain signed in to your Google account in Power.ME, however, Google may sometimes need you to reauthorize your account. If you would like to manually sign out […]

If you’re using Power.ME solely as a way to keep track of your to-do list, you’re missing out on some of its most adaptable and effective features (of course, if your life is simple enough that all you need is one long to-do list, you’re doing pretty darn well for yourself). I’ve discussed a few […]

The average workday is full of interruptions and distractions, and although a lot of those distractions come from external things like the internet or the open window, some of them come from the internal workplace. Someone has a thought that he thinks you need to hear and hey presto! Your workflow and focus get interrupted. […]

We are proud to announce the arrival of Power.ME version 11.4.0. It’s packed with features that made Power.ME better able to adapt to your unique lifestyle.