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You know those days where everything seems to be going wrong? Or those days when you can’t seem to get on top of things? Or those days when you just want a break? Those days need some kind of reboot, or a way to let go of everything else and get back to the basics: […]

Some say that listening to music at work is an epidemic that is creating a more segregated, individualistic office atmosphere. However, if used properly, music can boost your productivity, ease your mind, and help you get through your day with a positive attitude. We’ve come up with six reasons to listen to music at work. […]

“Slow and steady wins the race.” I had the chance to watch a friend complete her first half marathon last weekend. While I was waiting at mile 10 to cheer her on to the finish, I couldn’t help but notice the running styles of those that went past. At the very front of the pack, […]

Is it better to do something once, be recognized once, and be remembered for that one thing? Or is it better to make consistent efforts at gaining attention and reaching your audience? Seth Godin discussed this issue on his blog. He says, “Consistently showing up on the radar of the right audience is more highly […]

You have projects that are all-consuming—they are both important and complicated. You spend time and energy on them for months, thinking about little else. And then, you finish. And it’s great. You have time to relax, catch up on tasks placed on your back burner, and . . . then what? What’s next? In the […]

The GTD productivity method helps you tackle the minutiae of the day. You can clear out your head, organize your tasks and projects, and maintain the structure easily. But beyond the day-to-day organization, an important aspect of the GTD system is what David Allen calls the “bigger picture” review. A system that instructs you to […]